France: Going out with non-Muslims

Two cases in France where girls were attacked for going out with non-Muslims.


An Algerian who burned her daughter's hand with a white-hot knife because she was seeing a French guy was sentenced to six months suspended sentence by the Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin) court.

The case first went to court September 19 but the court first ordered a psychiatric evaluation of the defendant.  The defendant received a suspended sentence of six months, three years probation and required treatment.

Friday the public prosecution demanded eight months suspended sentence with probation of two years and required treatment.  The court rejected the aggravating circumstances of religion against the 49-year old Muslim mother, who told her daughter that even if her French boyfriend would convert he would 'always have Christian blood in his veins'.  She repeatedly asked her 20 year old daughter to end the relationship.  

One day in mid-September the young woman returned home with visible marks of a kiss  The mother criticized her daughter, the eldest of three, for her new boyfriend.  After a verbal squabble the mother threatened several times to kill her daughter.  "If you continue to see him, I will kill you," she said.  The boyfriend's 'defect', according to the religious and practicing mother was that he wasn't Muslim and was a Christian.  Without warning, the mother wrapped her daughter's arm with a cord, threatening to do the same around her neck if her daughter didn't obey.  It appears she then tried to lock her daughter in the apartment.

The next morning, her mother heated up a knife until it was white-hot, tried to brand her daughter's arm, then burned her hand, giving her 2nd degree burns.  The daughter fled the apartment and lodged a complaint at the nearest police station.  She had to stay off work for three days and a month later the burn marks were still visible.

The psychiatrist did not find any disorder by the "frustrated" Algerian, who is 'very religious and traditionalist".  She said she wanted to restore order at home using 'traditional methods'.  Even if her daughter's lover would convert, she couldn't imagine Christian blood in the family circle.

Testifying, the mother admitted she had made death threats against her daughter, but claimed that she had never meant to follow up on them and regretted her acts of violence.

The daughter said that her mother met her boyfriend's parents and that she had thought everything was sorted out, but in the end her mother felt that even if her boyfriend would convert, he would always have Christian blood in his veins.  She said she was 'embarrassed' by the affair due to her love for her mother.  At the time of the trial the victim was conciliatory, after receiving her mother's apology.


In another case in Châteauroux a father and mother were sentenced to 18 months in prison, 12 of which are suspended, for beating and threatening to kill their 14 year old daughter. A 16 year old brother who also beat his sister was brought before a juvenile court and placed under supervision.  The couple's four children were placed in foster care.

The parents and the girl's brother beat her while trying to get her to confess that she had run up a cellphone bill.  When the girl refused to confess her mother sprinkled her with alcohol and her father waved a lighter in her face, threatening to kill her.  The lighter was dumped in the end.

Though the excessive bill was the reason for the incident it appears that the real issue is that the daughter is dating a non-Muslim African and that the father intended to keep an eye on her.

The brother, who also participated in the beating, said he did so because his sister insulted their father.

In court the parents looked crushed and the father, in tears, admitted that what he'd done was 'not worthy of a civilized man'.  The parents say they have done everything for their children.

The family, of Moroccan origin, is considered well integrated, and had decided to appeal, according to the prosecution.  

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wayne said...

yet another example of islamic adults whose mindset is stuck in the 7th century. These people, without realizing it, are actually exhibiting mental illness, and it is only exacerbated by their mindless and slavish devotion and dependency to their religion. They have no concept whatsoever of civilized conduct; it's no wonder the West cannot negotiate with them.

joe six-pack said...

It is difficult to hold a conversation when the other pulls a knife. Sensitivity to insult would assist motivation for this type of move.

Joachim Martillo said...

When children have relationships of which their parents do not approve, there are always problems, and such situations constitute a large proportion of the family violence cases handled by the police.

The first season of The Sopranos had two episodes in which Tony Soprano freaked out over his daughter's relationship with a half-black half-Jewish fellow college student while the backstory of the movie Prizzi's Honor includes the killing of an Hispanic, who slept with Maerose Prizzi, who was herself exiled from the Prizzi family because of her indiscretion.

This type of situation occurs with all ethnic groups, and the uniform use of such stories to throw rocks at Islam, Muslims, and Muslim immigrants suggests orchestrated bigotry.

The Avi Kostner case described in Honor Killing in Iraq? is an example of a similar sort of violence within the Jewish community, and I can find examples within probably all societal groups, but similar examples can be found in practically every community in every country.