Netherlands: Freedom of religion should be given to orthodox Muslims

Dutch politics and society should also give orthodox Muslims space to practice their faith and by that show that freedom of religion is high on the agenda, said chairman Ahmed Marcouch of the Amsterdam neighborhood of Slotervaart in a Dutch Labor Party meeting in Utrecht Saturdya.

According to Marcouch, freedom of religion in modern society is always demonstrated in connection with the orthodox believer. They are strange.  They are troublesome.  But the freedom should be demonstrated exactly there.  In principal social should tolerate orthodox believer as well as possible.

The politician said that Dutch "Islam-politics" should consist of fighting extremist violence.  According to him that is 'a plague'.  Politics and society must unequivocally express their support for the emancipation of women and gays.

Marcouch said that politicians who are afraid of the Islamization of the Netherlands are seeing it wrong.

In reality the reverse is taking place before our eyes.  We are all witnessing the Dutchification of Islam, he said.  He also agreed with former minister of integration Ella Vogelaar when she said that Islam would be part of Dutch traditions.  He said she expressed herself too carefully.  Islam is already a Dutch religion.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)


aneuk dayah said...

how are you there..?

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John Sobieski said...

Stupid dhimmis eager to draw the sword across their neck. They truly hate the Dutch people and Dutch society. Apparently the chickens are going along with the plan.