UK: MP praises Muslims for bringing faith to Britain

Britain's Labor MP Stephen Timms praised Muslims for bringing back faith into Britain.

"When parts of our society are so deeply secular, so hostile to the acknowledgment of God, I want today to express appreciation and thanks to Muslims in Britain for insisting on faith," said the Minister for Business and Labour MP for East Ham at the Global Peace and Unity Event organized by Islam Channel last week.

"(I want to thank Muslims) for helping put faith back today at the centre of Britain's national life and debate in a way that it wasn't for a very long time.

"You are part of the reason for that change, and I warmly welcome it," he added.

"We need more people taking up politics from the starting point of faith. Because faith is the source of decent values (like) honesty, commitment to family, generosity, support for peace," Timms said. "(We need such) decent values which the Muslim community shows in abundance."

"Those are the very values which we need in our politics, and which this event can help us to promote," he added.


Source: Saudi Gazette (English)

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