UK: 'Political correctness hampering fight against terrorism'

Politically correct language is hampering the fight against terrorism, a Whitehall report warned yesterday.

Town halls and other public sector bodies were told by ministers last year to replace the phrase 'terrorist attacks' with 'anti-Islamic activity'.

They were urged not to refer to 'extremism' and instead talk about 'community resilience'.

But far from rallying Muslims against terrorists, the language has spread confusion, says the report from HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and the Audit Commission.

The watchdogs warned ministers the Government should listen to local concerns before handing out instructions.

It quoted one anonymous local government leader: 'The key thing is about who the words come from.

'If they come from a respected religious or community member they will have more impact than if they come from a Government minister.'

Rules on terrorism and language were sent to town halls by the Home Office just under a year ago.


Source: Daily Mail (English)

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