Amsterdam: Marcouch develops gay-policy

Amsterdam: Marcouch develops gay-policy

In order to break the taboo regarding homosexuality in the Islamic community, Slotervaart is the first neighborhood of Amsterdam to develop a gay-policy.  Chairman Ahmed Marcouch (Labor Party) welcomes the arrival of a gay-cafe.

Marcouch also wants to educate heterosexuals with an Islamic background about homosexuality.  "I think that the effect is greater, if only because the fact that those who conduct the talk are not gays themselves, but do stand up for gay rights," he told Amsterdam broadcaster AT5.

"In Arabic or Moroccan positive vocabulary about homosexuality is not available," The chairman of the neighborhood, which has a large Muslim community, illustrates the taboo atmosphere concerning the topic.  Many children who start talking about the topic of homosexuality at home immediately get slapped because 'homo' is a curse and you don't utter that at home.

Marcouch will review his gay-policy with the neighborhood administration on March 17th.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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