Norway: Local imam training

Norway: Local imam training

Tariq Ramadan recently gave a talk in Oslo, and also called for Norwegian imam training.


Local poltician Abdelmajid Jerad (Labor) in Bergen thinks Norway should have its own imam classes.

"I think that now is the time to start a debate about this. It will be very good if one could get a Muslim theological education at the university in Bergen or Oslo, preferably in cooperation with a university in a Muslim country," says Jarad to Bergens Tidende.

He thinks it's a problem that the Muslim leaders are brought from abroad.

"In Islam the imams don't just have a role of preachers but also as councilor for Muslims. The challenges for Norwegian Muslims will be different than for those who live in a Muslim country," says the city councilor, who is a Muslim.

He says that an imam must understand the values that Norwegian society is founded on.

"It took many years before I understood Norwegian society, and it's clear that it will be challenging for an imam who's new in Norway to familiarize himself with how it is to be a Muslim in Norway," says Jarad.

Source: VG (Norwegian)

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