US: Iraqi-Dutch confesses to roadside bombing

US: Iraqi-Dutch confesses to roadside bombing

An Iraqi-born Dutch suspect accused of planting roadside bombs in Iraq has pleaded guilty at his US trial.

Wesam al-Delaema, who was extradited from the Netherlands two years ago, is the first suspected Iraq insurgent to be tried in the US.

He agreed to a 25-year prison sentence on charges of conspiracy to murder Americans outside the US, the Associated Press news agency reported.

Born in Falluja, he returned to Iraq after the US-led invasion.

He was among a group that videotaped themselves planting remote-controlled explosives by a road used by US troops. The explosives did not cause any deaths.

Mr Delaema was arrested in May 2005 in the Dutch city of Amersfoort following a tip-off from US authorities.


Source: BBC (English)

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