Netherlands: Live from Jerusalem

Netherlands: Live from Jerusalem

Three public broadcasters in the Netherlands have gotten together to produce a show about the Israeli elections. In a unique collaboration, the Evangelical Broadcaster (EO), the Jewish Broadcaster (JO) and the Dutch Muslim Broadcaster (NMO) are producing a show from Jerusalem titled "Live from Jerusalem" (Live uit Jeruzalem). The show will be presented by Hadassah de Boer (JO), Abdellah Dami (NMO) and Andries Knevel (EO).

The talk-show will be filmed in the old city of Jerusalem, and will speak with Israelis (Jews, Christians and Muslims) who had just voted, along with residents of the Palestinian Authority.

In addition to political analysis, the show will speak with interesting people who live in Israel and the Palestinian territories. All the guests will be either Dutch or have a direct link with the Netherlands, and will speak about how they are affected by the elections and whether they see opportunities for peace in the political and military turbulence.

The show will also feature music from the popular Idan Raichel Project. Arab singer Mira Awad from the group will appear together with Jewish singer Noa. The duo will represent Israel in the Eurivision song festival, as a sign of hope for peace.

The three broadcaster want to create a balanced picture of the Israeli elections and the different visions of each one will help in doing so. The three will prepare the final editing together.

Source: NMO (Dutch)

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