Europe: Local Muslims most likely terror agents

Europe: Local Muslims most likely terror agents

A US report has concluded that Muslim residents in Europe who train as terrorists in Pakistan are the most likely agents of terror for the continent

Al-Qaeda is preparing for a new attack in Europe and Denmark is at the top of its list, according to the head of US National Intelligence, Dennis C. Blair.

In his department's 2008 annual threat assessment report, Blair indicated that Muslim extremist groups such as Al-Qaeda and Sunni affiliates who go to Pakistan for terrorist training and return constituted the main threat to European security.

Blair's report suggested that the integration of Western Europe's 15 to 20 million Muslims is 'progressing slowly', but that opportunities for extremist propagandists and recruiters are ripe. His belief that Denmark is a top terror target supports the assessment of Denmark's own intelligence agency, PET.


Source: Copenhagen Post (English)

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