Italy: Asylum center revolt

Italy: Asylum center revolt

The BBC has video from the site.


Immigrants being held at a detention centre on the Italian island of Lampedusa have set fire to the facility after trying to escape, police say.

Unconfirmed reports said some 14 people were treated for smoke inhalation.

The revolt was reportedly sparked by news that 107 Tunisians were to be deported by the Italian authorities.

Last month, hundreds broke out of the centre in protest at a new policy that required them to be held until their asylum applications were processed.

The protesters also complained about overcrowding at the centre, which was built for 850 but was holding 1,800 at the time, forcing hundreds to sleep outdoors.

Lampedusa's police chief Girolamo Di Fazio said the numbers at the site had since been brought back down to around 860 people, but these had staged a "revolt".


Source: BBC (English)

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