Netherlands: BREAKING: Turkish plane crashes

Netherlands: BREAKING: Turkish plane crashes

Update 3:
Jihad en Hajar Alariachi, two of the Dutch 'Halal Girls', were aboard the plane. Jihad was lightly injured. (NL)

Update 2:
Final death toll: 9 dead. 25 seriously injured and about 25 less seriously injured. (NL)

Uncertainty about the number of casualties. De Telegraaf reports seven dead, 25 seriously injured, 60 lightly injured. All those who survived the crash are off the plane. (NL)


A Turkish Airlines (THYAO.IS) passenger plane with 135 people aboard crashed while attempting to land at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport on Wednesday, authorities said.

The plane broke up when it hit the ground next to the runway.

Still images shown on Dutch television showed the plane on the ground, with the tail section of the fuselage broken off, and a wide crack in the fuselage just behind cockpit. The jetliner did not appear to be on fire.

As many as 50 passengers escaped injury, the CNBC Turkey channel said.

Officials at Istanbul's Ataturk airport said the plane had departed earlier from Istanbul.

THY was not immediately available for comment.

Source: Reuters (English)

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