Netherlands: Blogosphere debate

Netherlands: Blogosphere debate

The Dagelijkse Standaard (Daily Standard) is a rather new Dutch-language blog, featuring articles by a list of Dutch writers.  Islam expert Hans Jansen was one of those writers, until he discovered that Michael van der Galien, who also writes runs PoliGazette, was a convert to Islam. 

Michael van der Galien never hid the fact, but apparently it was new to Jansen.  When Jansen discovered that his co-blogger was a convert to Islam, he emailed the blog editor in an exchange of emails (posted on the site, NL), which led to him leaving the blog.

Jansen wrote that having a covert to Islam as a co-fighter for freedom of speech in the Netherlands was something he would have to think about.  He later said that he left the blog due to differences of opinion with the chief editor, and not specifically due to this point.

For Michael van der Galien's response to this story (in English), see One man less - a minor Dutch controversy and The side that wants to destroy the West

Sources: Dagelijkse Standaard 1, 2 (Dutch)

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