Denmark: SIAD to run for parliament

Denmark: SIAD to run for parliament

Political association Stop Islamiseringen af Danmark  (Stop the Islamization of Denmark, SIAD) will now be attempting to get into parliament and the Aalborg city council.

They want to implement a total immigration stop and kick out from Denmark immigrants who aren't self-providing.    Now SIAD will attempt to get into parliament

National chairman Anders Gravers told that he's absolutely certain they'll succeed in getting into parliament.  If each of their 500 Facebook members will get 40 signatures they'll get on the ballot and then they'll get in.

The association has meanwhile named one candidate for the city council, Gunni Jørgensen from Kongerslev.  And within a month there will be three more, says Anders Gravers.  He isn't now nominating himself for either parliament or the Aalborg city council.

"I concentrate instead on collecting the signatures, and then we have a newspaper and soon there will also be a net-radio," says Anders Gravers.

SIAD says they've recently seen a massive member enrollment, but Anders Gravers will not say how many members the party has.

Source: Kristeligt Dagblad (Danish)

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