Norway: Increasing radicalization among extremist Muslims

Norway: Increasing radicalization among extremist Muslims

The threat report is available in Norwegian from the PST.


Radicalization in the Norwegian extreme Islamic communities is increase, says the PST, the Norwegian security service,  in its threat report for 2009.

The PST did not uncover concrete plans for a terror attack in Norway and the threat level continues to be low.

But international events, like the situation in Gaza, Afghanistan and Iraq, affect the development in the radicalized communities in Norway.  In these communities indications are that the radicalization is increasing somewhat, says the security service.

They point out that there are charismatic leader figures in Norway who have a lot of influence on people in a radicalization process.  These are first and foremost ideological guides, but PST thins these people can also assist young radicalized people with establishing contact with militant groups outside Norway.

[The article goes on to discuss the spy situation in Norway]

Source: TV2 (Norwegian)

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