Germany: Central Council of Muslims welcomes honor murder verdict

Germany: Central Council of Muslims welcomes honor murder verdict

The 24-year-old Ahmad-Sobair O. was convicted of murdering his 16-year-old sister Morsal O. on May 15, 2008 because she had turned away from her family. The girl died after suffering 23 stab wounds in a Sankt Georg district parking lot in Hamburg. Both siblings, who immigrated to Germany 13 years ago, have German citizenship.

"He killed out of pure intolerance," Hamburg Judge Wolfgang Backen said while reading the verdict, adding that the murder was "treacherous" and a premeditated "bloodbath" after all other attempts to "discipline" his sister had failed.

His verdict sparked dramatic scenes in the court room as Ahmad Sobair O.'s family and friends wailed and hit the security glass behind which he was sitting. The accused himself began screaming: "You son of a whore! What is this, honour? I know no honour!"

He also yelled that had the trial taken place in Kabul, Afghanistan, he would have already been released long ago.

The murderer's mother then tried to throw herself out of a courtroom window, but was restrained by family members. Relatives of the accused also assaulted and threatened a journalist in the room.


The Central Council of Muslims in Germany welcomed the sentence in the Hamburg process of the so-called honor murder of the German-Afghan Morsal.  "I'm happy that the judge didn't bring in a verdict of manslaughter, but had the accused feel the full harshness of the law," says the General Secretary Aiman Mazyek on radio broadcaster NDR Info.

Morsal's brother was sentenced on Friday to life imprisonment for murder for the knife attack on his sister.  This led to a riot in the courtroom among his family.  The 24 year old pleaded religion and hoped for mitigating circumstances, says Mazyek.  "Thank god the judge didn't fall for that."

Mazyek says that people put a lot into Islam which doesn't really belong there.  He adds that there's not a hint of suspicion that murder for honor or any other reason is justified and that murder is still murder.

The reference to different cultures was just advanced as an argument.  It is important to describe the perpetrator and the act as such, and not to try to justify it with religion.  Mazyek says that it's not for nothing that the prosecutor said that the term honor murder was inappropriate in this case.

Sources: The Local (English), N-TV (German)

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