Copenhagen: A third of immigrant women live in isolation

Copenhagen: A third of immigrant women live in isolation

A third of immigrant women leave deeply isolate, a report about immigrant women in Copenhagen shows.

This is true in particular for single women, who are outcast from their own family, but at the same time fear the Danish authorities.

Mansour Esfandiari works as a cross-cultural psychologist and meets many women who are in poor condition.

"It's sadly typically the man who leaves the woman and leaves her in shock.  Often she has no family in the country, and the friends she had cast her out.  The women isolate themselves and feel shame," he says to Politiken.

As a single breadwinner without work or social help, the women, who typically have 3-4 children, live in need of food and have difficulties supporting their children.

The report concludes that the women don't seek work.  They are "either frightened or frustrated about the municipality's power to interfere in their lives, for example in the form of stopping benefit or removing the children."

Source: DR (Danish)

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