Denmark: Textbook for immigrant/refugee literature

Denmark: Textbook for immigrant/refugee literature

Public school students will not longer read just Danish literature.  In the textbook "World stories - an alternative canon" [canon - a list of books and authors to be read in school] Danish publishers Gyldendal and the Danish Refugee Council expanded the established Danish literature in schools by focusing on literature coming to Denmark with refugees and immigrants.

"When 9% of the Danish population has a bilingual or multicultural background, I think, that it's no longer just enough to read literature from Denmark in Danish education.  And precisely through the literature we can get a more nuanced insight into the new cultures which are settling here in the country,' says editor Ditte Marie Munch-Hansen.

The book includes a collection of texts taken from the 12 biggest refugee and immigrant groups which are represented in the Danish elementary school: Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iraq, Iran, Croatia, Pakistan, Serbia, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Turkey along with the Kurds and Palestinians.
Twelve Refugees and immigrants living in Denmark, who work with literature in their daily chose one acclaimed literature text form their homeland.  the book will be published today.

Source: BT (Danish)

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