Rotterdam: Opposition to Muslim school moving

Rotterdam: Opposition to Muslim school moving

No Muslim school on the north bank in Rotterdam.

That is what two large school umbrella organizations (LMC and the Christian CVO) are fighting for by the Council of State Tuesday.  The organization fear an exodus from their own schools if Ibn Ghaldoun would set up next to the Marconiplein.

The secondary school organization Ibn Ghaldoun has been wanting to move for years from the reduced-to-poverty school buildings, spread out over Rotterdam-Zuid (Rotterdam-South).  The buildings lack a sports hall, apprenticeship locations and decent school grounds.  Ibn Ghaldoun always said that the low quality of education can only be radically boosted in a new building where everything will be under one roof.

Moreover, Ibn Ghaldoun says, by far most of their students don't live in the southern neighborhood, but come from the north bank and from surrounding neighborhoods.  Therefore it is also more logical to settle down by the Marconiplein.

Ton Leinse of Ibn Ghaldoun thinks it's absurd that the school organization LMC and CVO are afraid of losing their students.  "They fear that we'll be active on their turf [feeding grounds].  But that is a strange argument for Christian education. It will affect their Muslim children.  Those don't belong there anyway."

The municipality also opposes the possible move.  Councillor Geluk (education) wants Ibn Ghaldoun to first get things in order qualitatively before he assists with a move.

Source: AD (Dutch)

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