Denmark: Imam denies he's in favor of stoning

Denmark: Imam denies he's in favor of stoning

Abdul Wahid Pedersen, a Danish-born imam convert and Karen Jespersen, the Danish Welfare Minister, debated Islam and extremism on the Danish morning show Go' Morgen Danmark.

Jespersen, who wrote a book about Muslim extremism, recently criticized the Copenhagen city council for working together with Muslims in Dialogue, which she says is an extremist group. Pedersen, one of the heads of the organization, had refused in the past to condemn stoning and stated he will conduct polygamous marriage ceremonies. He had said that condemning stoning would place him outside the pale of Islam.

On the show, Pedersen was asked whether he supports stoning.

Abdul Wahid Pedersen, Imam: Let be say this very clearly, absolutely, unequivocally. I do not support stoning. I do not support stoning.

Cecilie Frøkjær, TV2: But do you disassociate yourself from stoning?

Abdul Wahid Pedersen: I do not support stoning, and what I've been accused many, many times in the media - I don't do that .. here and now I want to say, as I did a minute ago - I don't support stoning.

Danish, no subtitles: (~2:30)

Source: Uriasposten (Danish)

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