Norway: FRP against 'sneak Islamization'

Norway: FRP against 'sneak Islamization'

Siv Jensen, head of the Norwegian Progress Party (FRP), came out hard against the government and what she calls 'sneak Islamization' in Norway, during the party's national meeting.

"The reality is that people are now in the process of allowing a form of sneak-Islamization in this society and we must put a stop to that," Jensen said in her speech.

Clearly referring to the hijab-debate, the head of the FRP came out against what she thinks is the special treatment of minority groups in Norway today.

"When we give in to demands for halal food in prisons, when we give in that Muslim girls won't be able to do sports together with Norwegian children.  This is already special treatment which I think weakens the ability to integrate people in Norwegian society and which will cause greater challenges in the next decade," she told TV2.  Jensen thinks prisoners should be very satisfied having three warm meals a day.

"We will not accept demands for more vacation days of a religious character," she said, and will neither accept that some Oslo schools practice sex-segregated sports and swimming.

- It's not possible for some demands to be legitimate, for example that Muslims will get a days off on their religious holidays?

"We set official vacation days in Norway, and I think that should apply," answers Jensen.  She adds that all who live in Norway must follow the rules and arrangements that are there.

Should the FRP get to power, Siv Jensen has clear plans.

"Then it's Norwegian law and Norwegian regulations and Norwegian rule which will underlie everything we do and we don't allow special demands from some individual groups in this society."

In her speech, Jensen compared Oslo to the notorious Rosengård neighborhood of Malmö, where ambulance drivers, fire fighters and police hesitate to turn out.

"Also Oslo approaches the development we see in Malmö," she said and described the situation in Rosengård as such: Sharia law has taken over completely.  Swedish law has been set aside.

- You fear that we will get to the Swedish state in Oslo?

"Yes, we see several signs of that already.  It's better to stop before it's too late," says Jensen to Aftenposten.

In her speech she referred to a report from Aftenposten Aften about a police operation against the premises used by the Alfredha Islamic Center and a Kurdish club.  The place was shut down after the police discovered smuggled cigarettes, amphetamines, shock weapons and possibly smuggled meat, as well as a locked emergency exist and fire extinguishers and a non-functioning fire-alarm.

"The owners and operators naturally confess to none of this.  But this happens every day. It's only the FRP which for 30 years warned against this, who are able to clean up," claims Jensen.

- Do you think that such illegality that was revealed happens only because we have immigration to Norway?

"It happens in other communities too," admits Jensen, "but in many contexts there's a total lack of control over what happens in these communities.  People hide behind a mosque - and the authorities shut their eyes to it."

- In this case the police took action?

"The police do their job.  But Norwegian politicians shut their eyes to this development happening."

- Do you think that mosques are camouflage for illegality?

"I don't know that.  But I've got many reports from people of minority background and I think people will be shocked if they heard what's going on.  I've hard rumors that people operate outside of Norwegian law when it comes to marriage and abuse of young women.  Much of what we meet - gang grime, riots in connection to demonstrations in Oslo - are clear warnings that we must do something."

Sources: TV2, Aftenposten (Norwegian)

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