Brussels: Moroccan woman found tied to tree

Brussels: Moroccan woman found tied to tree

Last Sunday a 22 year old Moroccan woman was found bound and suffering from hypothermia in the Three Fountain Park in the Brussels suburb of Vilvoorde.  The woman had been reported missing by her husband and was found by passers-by.

The woman has been living in Belgium since August 2008, where emigrated after getting married.  According to her friend, with whom she had an affair, this was a sham marriage, but the husband denies this.

The woman was last seen Thursday in a school in Vilvoorde and nothing had been heard from her since.  On Friday her husband reported her missing.  She was found on Sunday at about 3pm when people walking in the park herded cries for help from the bushes.  They found the woman about thirty meters from the path, tied to a tree and barefoot.  She showed signs of hypothermia and her feet were almost frozen.  The woman was immediately brought to a hospital in Vilvoorde.

Her husband, lover and brother have been interrogated, in addition to a number of other family members, but the police have yet to find out what happened.

The woman could only be interrogated after several days, but is not cooperating in the investigation.  She does not want to make a statement or explain why she refuses.  According to the Brussels prosecution, her attitude raises questions regarding what happened.

Source: HLN 1, 2 (Dutch)

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