Admin: Comment policy

Admin: Comment policy

The topic of Islam in general and Islam in Europe in particular is very contentious. I do want to encourage a debate on the issues and enable people of differing opinions to express their point of view.

Throughout the years I've tried various comment policies. At times I moderated, at others I let comments run free. This was obviously not working. I do think that most commentators on this blog are responsible adults.

So.. my new comment policy:

1. Comments are allowed only by signing up
2. Comments will not be held for moderation before being posted

The following comments will not be tolerated:

1. Comments which are rude, obscene or use gutter-language
2. Comments which insult or degrade other commentators
3. Comments which call for outright violence
4. Spam
5. Keep comments to the point. Don't copy/paste entire sites from the internet.

Comments which do not follow these rules will be deleted and the user might be banned, with or without a warning.

I am not a computer program and this is not kindergarten. I do not intend to explain why I allow this comment and ban another. If you have a problem with a certain comment, use the 'report' option and explain why you think it should be deleted. If I agree with you, I'll delete it. I do hold the right to change my mind.

Comments posted before this policy went into effect will be left as-is unless they are reported.

This policy will be linked on the right hand column. It is subject to change.

Updated: April 26, 2010

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