Brussels: First European halal certificate

Brussels: First European halal certificate

The Brussels Chamber of Commerce (BECI) issued the first European halal certificate Thursday, meant to facilitate exports. The product is a festive drink without alcohol, 'Night Orient'.

The certificate verifies that the product conforms to the percepts of Islam. The first product to receive the new label is from Liège. It's a festive drink made from white grapes without alcohol, whose marketing is clearly directed at Muslims.

A company that wants to obtain a halal certificate for a product must first submit an application. After an initial audit, an imam comes to the production site and decides if the product merits such a label. If it does, it facilitates exports, particularly to Organization of The Islamic Conference countries, Olivier Willocx of BECI told La Capitale.

According to Sudpresse, in a big city like Brussels, 17% of the residents eat halal. Issuing a new certificate of this type simply means engaging in a rising market in Europe. Willocx says that the market is vast and growing, because it concerns various food types, prepared for restaurants, supermarkets and other food manufacturers.

Source: RTL Info (French)

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