Sweden: Immigrants cleaning the streets

Sweden: Immigrants cleaning the streets

Immigrants workers make up 41 percent of Sweden's cleaners despite accounting for only 16 percent of the workforce. In the cities the numbers are even higher, a new report shows.

In Stockholm, 80 percent of people working as office or hotel cleaners were born outside of Sweden, the new report from Statistics Sweden (SCB) for 2008 shows. In Gothenburg the equivalent figure was 59 percent and in Malmö 66 percent.

Foreign born staff account for 12 percent of all employees aged 16-64 in Sweden and make up 16 percent of the population.

While big city areas have slightly higher populations of immigrants - with 18 percent in Malmö and Stockholm, and 16 percent in Gothenburg, foreign born workers were over-represented in a series of professions such as nurses, hospital orderlies, personal assistants and child minders.

Of the ten categories of profession presented in the statistics, sales staff was the group with the lowest proportion of foreign-born workers - with only 6 percent.


Source: The Local (English)

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