Belgium: AFP gets it wrong

Belgium: AFP gets it wrong

AFP reports about the continuing saga (see here, here, here and here) of a Belgian maths teacher who insists on wearing a headscarf (h/t Islamophobia Watch):

A Belgian high school on Tuesday sacked a Muslim maths teacher after she insisted she would continue to wear the burqa while taking classes.

This article was prepared by the Islam in Europe blog -

At the start of the academic year authorities at the school in Charleroi, south of Brussels, told the Turkish-born teacher to remove her full-face Islamic veil, which she had been wearing during class for two and a half years.

The teacher refused and took her case to court.

The only problem is that Nuran Topal, the teacher in question, wears a headscarf, not a face-veil. The entire discussion, all along, was about 'neutrality', not 'face covering'.

The news services may have been thrown off, since during one of the discussions on the issue in the city council, somebody showed up with an Afghan burka, apparently as an "anti-Islamization" warning.

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