Netherlands: Turks, Kurds, what's the difference?

Netherlands: Turks, Kurds, what's the difference?

Turkish newspaper Milliyet reports that the Dutch municipality Zaandam made a big blunder by giving a cookbook as a gift. The cookbook described Kurdistan, and omitted Turkey.

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The gift, "New Dutch, world dishes" ('Nieuwe Nederlanders, wereldse gerechten') was meant for all those who passed the naturalization exams and was signed by the authors Anita Peereboom and Xaviera Plas.

Turkish students told the Turkish newspaper that only when they got home did they notice that the book spoke of Kurdistan, and that it shocked them. "Turkish dishes were described as dishes from Kurdistan. It's a big insult to Turkey," according to the Turks.

The famous Syrian-Orthodox and Kurdish dish Kutilk/Kulte, as well as lentil soup, were in the 'Kurdistan' chapter. The dishes are found in both the Turkish and Kurdish kitchens.

Source: Rudaw, BOL (Dutch)

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