Geneva: Proposal to ban all religious clothing

Geneva: Proposal to ban all religious clothing

The radical party in Geneva (FDP) want to revise the law on external manifestations of worship. They want to ban the residents of the canton from wearing any religious clothing. The ban will not affect tourists.

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The 1875 law, still in effect, bans the wearing of ecclesiastical clothing in the public space. According to a press statement by the FDP, deputy Jean Romain proposes to update and replace the ban on ecclesiastical dress by one on religious clothing.

The new bill does not specifically ban the burqa, but it is included in it. Jean Romain says that he doesn't see why priests are forbidden to wear their church clothes in Geneva and not Raƫlians or ayatollahs.

The party isn't taking advantage of the current trend, says the deputy. They're address all religions equally and fixing an existing discrimination against Christians. Religious accessories, such as the kippah, will not be affected by the ban.

Source: Romandie (French)

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