Bosnia: Officer killed in attack on police station

Bosnia: Officer killed in attack on police station

A police officer was killed and another seriously injured on Sunday when a bomb exploded behind the police station in the central Bosnian town of Bugojno, reported Radio Sarajevo.

Police arrested Haris Causevic, a member of a radical Islamic Wahhabi movement, who was caught fleeing the scene of the explosion. According to police sources, he admitted to detonating the bomb. While being pursued, Causevic reportedly threw a second bomb at a police patrol, which resulted in minor injuries to five additional police officers.

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Four accomplices to the attack were arrested soon after the attack, with a fifth person arrested later in the day. Police recovered a large bag containing explosives, along with masks and gloves, at the scene.

The attack on the police station was reportedly timed to coincide with a meeting of police officers responsible for security during the 'Ajvatovica' religious celebrations. Ajvatovica Days' is the largest Islamic religious event in Europe, and located near Prusac in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Wahhabism is an extremist Islamic sect, with roots in Saudi Arabia, which regards itself as the only true Islamic movement.


Source: Xinhua (English)

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