Norway: Woman establishes Jihad-promoting forum

Norway: Woman establishes Jihad-promoting forum

Arfan Q. Bhatti has the distinction of being Norway's first terrorism suspect. His wife, Marjam Salvesen Bhatti, now runs a Jihadist website, much like Malika el-Aroud, the "mother of al-Qaeda in Europe".

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"I will honor Palestinian, Chechen and other Muslim women who contribute as freedom fighters in the resistance struggle," says Marjam Salvesen Bhatti.

On Facebook the Trondheim woman established a forum for promoting Jihad, where she publicized a series of pictures of female Jihadists with guns and suicide bombs.

For Marjam Jihad is not a negatively charged term, but an obligation for her as a Muslim.

"For me pictures of Israeli fighter planes and American tanks are far more frightening than Muslim women with a Kalashnikov. I don't see it as any weirder that a Muslim woman would do Jihad as compared to a Norwegian female soldier participating in the war in Afghanistan,' says Salvesen Bhatti, who in today's Ukeadressa says she got her second name after marrying Arfan Q. Bhatti.

When Bhatti was acquitted several weeks ago of attempted murder after shooting at a building in Asker in 2006, she was there in court to support her husband.

Salvesen Bhatti is half Norwegian and half Algerian. She studied religious history at NTNU, was a stewardess for SAS and had an exclusive shoe and handbag shop in Trondheim. Today she sees her past life in the fashion industry as meaningless.

"Now I use my time for my family and Islam - and so far I've had the opportunity to fight injustice," she says.

After Christmas she was the only Norwegian among the activists in the Freedom March which entered the Gaza Strip to mark the one year anniversary for Israel's bombing and siege of Gaza.

"Israel has made the Palestinians into refugees in their own land. I can see a Jewish state being established in the US or Germany. It was after all the Germans who led the mass extermination of the Jews, and it's the Europeans they had been persecuted by. The Palestinians are innocent of the Holocaust," says Marjam, who doesn't justify killing civilians, but understands suicide bombers.

Source: Adresseavisen (Norway)

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