Brussels: Killed the first Moroccan he saw

Brussels: Killed the first Moroccan he saw

The Brussels prosecutors asked the correctional court to intern (in a mental hospital) Allan D., in his thirties. the man stabbed a Moroccan stranger at the Brussels Zuid station on January 2, 2010. He admitted during his arrest that he did it out of racist motives, and added that he had originally intended to attack more victims. The man is asking for a harsh prison sentence.

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It is not the first time that Allan D. gets in trouble with the police. In 2004 he was interned for arson. "When in was released in 2009, it seemed to go better for him," says his lawyer, Saskia Kerkhofs. ""He had an apartment and a job. But soon that changed because he had problems with his home-owner and neighbors."

Those people, all of them of Moroccan origin, increased D.'s delusion that all problems in his life were caused by foreigners. When on January 1st he got into a fight with a group of immigrants in Brussel Zuid station, his fuse blew. "A day later he went again to the station with a knife, and attacked the the first Moroccan he met," according to the prosecution. "Surveillance cameras recorded how he twice thrust the knife into the man's back and walked away."

According to the court psychiatrist, the man is insane and should be interned, but D. doesn't want that. The court will pronounce judgment on June 30th.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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