UK: 'Honestly I did not win the Euro Millions'

UK: 'Honestly I did not win the Euro Millions'

A couple who have been wrongly accused of winning £84million in the Euro lottery have spoken of their nightmare.

They claim they have had people knocking on their door wanting their mortgages repaid and others asking for new gold teeth.

The constant barrage of requests in the past few weeks has left them angry.

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The rumours surfaced after it was believed an Asian person from the region had won £84million in the Euro Millions lottery in May. The winner has opted for the right to anonymity.

The man known as 'BK from Blackburn said, "I was working in my office when I got the first phone call. I laughed it off at first and thought nothing of it.

"All of a sudden long-lost relatives, past associates, friends of friends and total strangers, were suddenly looking to contact me.


"The one single vital point was that, all those who requested something financial or material, did not ask for me to help or aid someone else in need or the poor."

He was also taken aback by those wanting money that would in particular circles be termed as ‘haram’.

BK added: "One individual contradicted himself to the point where his opening sentence was ‘the winnings were haram (forbidden) and I should return them, but it would be okay for a contribution to a ‘Islamic Girls School'.

"Another individual phoned for building a new mosque in Bolton, when he finally accepted that I had not won, he confirmed that he was just looking for his personal debts to be paid off.

"A neighbour called round one evening and would not believe me at all, it took him ages to leave, waiting for a confession.


"My advice to any winner is – the ones you classed as family and friends, will always be just that. Look after the poor, needy and hard-working wherever you find them and whatever race and religion they are. The honest ones will never ask for anything."


Source: Manchester Evening News

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