Serbia: Muslims want apology for Mufti photomontage

Serbia: Muslims want apology for Mufti photomontage

Serbia's Islamic Community on Saturday protested against a photomontage published in the daily Blic and demanded a "symbolic" compensation of 100 million euros (124 million dollars).

Daily Blic ran a photomontage of the leader of the Islamic community Muamer Zukorlic dressed in an Orthodox Christian bishop robe.

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"We are demanding an apology from the editors and owner of Blic daily and a symbolic compensation of 100 million euros," the community said in a statement.

If Blic refuses, it will face charges and the Islamic Community will call all citizens to boycott the daily, the statement added.

The Islamic Community said Muslims in Serbia were offended by the photomontage as it insults the deepest religious feelings of Muslims.


Source: Earth Times

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