Malta: Muslims and Catholics unite against ‘negative' media and same-sex marriage

Malta: Muslims and Catholics unite against ‘negative' media and same-sex marriage

Archbishop Paul Cremona this morning called for the State to help couples prepare for marriage due to an increase in couples deciding against faith marriages.

Speaking at the opening session of a seminar intended to discuss the role of the family from a Muslim and Christian perspective, organised by the World Islamic Call Society, he also said that the media needed to be used to promote messages in favour of marriage stability.

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He said moral support should be offered to people who are trying to overcome difficult moments in their marriage, not only those who want to separate.


Meanwhile, Ammar Hreba, head of the Islamic Centres and Propagation Bureau, said that even according to the Muslim tradition, marriages were based on the male and the female.

"If we let the family collapse, thanks to the negative directions of the media, this will lead to catastrophes and destruction. Same-sex marriages, for instance, destroy the entity of how family began with Adam and Eve."

He said negativity in the media leads to violence, but the Divine Call enables human beings to maintain the human race.

He called for the cooperation of the Church in Malta so that in a spirit of dialogue they could safeguard the family, by cooperating also with the government.


Source: Times of Malta

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