Netherlands: Election results (Update: Labor, Liberals tied, Wilders 3rd)

Netherlands: Election results

The polls are closing - exit polls and results to be coming soon.

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Complete results here and here.

Turnout was lower (NL) than last time. At 7:45pm, overall voter turnout was 66%, compared with 75% in the past elections.

Update 1:

Exit poll by Synovate:

(click to enlarge)

The PVV got more than the pre-election polls predicted: 23 seats, making it (possibly) the 3rd largest party. The VVD (Liberals) and PvdA (Labor) are both vying for first place.

Update 2:

PVV leader SMS'd: "Superb!", in response (NL) to the exit polls. Supporters of the PVV broke out in cheers by the expected victory.

Update 3:

Definitive exit poll: PVV goes down by one (22), the socialists go up to 16.

Rita Verdonk's party (Proud of the Netherlands, TON) gets no seats.

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Update 4:

Dutch broadcaster NOS considers the coalition options (NL):

With 150 parliament members, a majority coalition needs 76.

A three party coalition seems impossible. VVD, PvdA and PVV have a majority, but the PvdA already announced it won't let Wilders into the gov't. A coalition of the VVD, CDA and PvdA is possible, but improbable.

VVD, CDA and PVV together make up 74. A 'purple' coalition (VVD, PvdA and D66) has 72, and a progressive coalition (PvdA, Greens, Socialists and D66) has only 68.

A purple plus coalition (VVD, PvdA, D66 and Greens) is one possibility, with 83 seats, as is a coalition of the CDA, VVD, PVV and SGP (Christians) with 76.

The previous coalition was composed of the CDA (Christian Democrats), PvdA (Labor) and CU (Christian Union) with 79 seats.

Update 5:

With 30% of the vote counted, the results are keeping to the exit polls. The PvdA and VVD with 31-32 seats, PVV and CDA with 22-23, socialists with 15 and Greens and D66 with 10

Update 6:

With about 98% of the votes counted:

VVD - 31 seats (20.4%)
PvdA - 30 seats (19.6%)
PVV - 24 seats (15.5%)
CDA - 21 seats (13.6%)
SP - 15 (9.9%)
D66 - 10 seats (6.9%)
GroenLinks - 10 seats (6.6%)
SGP - 2 (1.8%)
Party for the Animals - 2 (1.3%)

The final tally will be announced later in the day.

Map of PVV votes (via NRC)

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