Sweden: Manifesto for Muslim Social Democrats

Sweden: Manifesto for Muslim Social Democrats

The Swedish Social Democrats established a special section on their site (h/t Snaphanen) for Muslim social democrats, which includes a manifesto, information about their journal "Islam and Politics" and a clip from a conference the party held in the fall about why 70% of Muslims vote for the party, and why Muslims should vote for left-wing (red) parties. The manifesto is available in Swedish, English, Arabic and Somali.

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Being a Muslim is about having an identity that means different things to different people. The first group of Muslims are the individuals who adhere to the religion of Islam and its teachings, and may practise Islam to varying degrees. Then there is another group who identify themselves as Muslims, have a Muslim identity, but are not necessarily practising. A large number originate from a country where the majority follow Islam or that is a Muslim state. Many in this group do not always identify themselves as believers.

Being a Social Democrat is about having an idea for building society together, which we feel goes hand in hand with Islam’s sense of fairness and justice. The land of opportunity is a Sweden based on the insight that we are stronger together, that a good society is built on everyone working and contributing to society according to their ability and everyone being supported by society according to their need. The key is the equality that creates equal opportunities for freedom. That gives the individual the opportunity to grow, to always have new chances to achieve success and to realise their life’s adventure. A Social Democrat wants everyone involved.

An active political fight for freedom, equality and solidarity lies at the heart of Social Democracy, and for us it is also a question of the best way to turn the Koran’s message from words to action.

The following eight points in this manifesto are for and by those who identify themselves as Muslim Social Democrats.

1. We are Muslim Social Democrats, believers fighting for peace, solidarity and justice. What unites us is the progressive fight for an open and democratic society, we are a little redder, a little greener.

2. We consider Muslims to be part of Sweden and to have the same rights and responsibilities as everyone else, to follow the nation’s laws, to live with and show respect for our fellow citizens.

3. We want to see an open and democratic society. We seek the right to build mosques wherever they are needed, to have Halal food in schools, at conferences and on courses, to have requests for time off for Friday prayers and religious festivals treated sympathetically, and a society where the right to be treated well with or without a veil can be taken for granted.

4. We strive for a world free from superiority and subordination, without class difference, without rifts, inequality and oppression on grounds of skin colour, religion or gender, where everyone is needed and everyone has a place, where everyone has the same rights and value to society.

5. We are a movement that works to counter the stigmatisation of Muslims and that also works against all forms of self-isolation. There is no conflict between being Swedish and being Muslim.

6. We stand for a pluralistic and democratic society that feeds curiosity and interest in different ways of life, even those that seem incomprehensible. We oppose an authoritarian and restrictive society that feeds challenge and conflict.

7. We believe that all people must have the freedom to choose their own life and the right to their religious convictions and practices, in accordance with our democratic laws. It is only in respect for the lifestyle of others that we can gain a true sense of freedom and justice in society.

8. We want to see an open social climate where people do not see difference as a threat, but take different lifestyles and norms seriously and see the opportunities.

Source: English manifesto, PDF

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