Netherlands: Student loan scheme might hurt Muslims

Netherlands: Student loan scheme might hurt Muslims

According to the LSVb and ISO student unions, less young Muslims would go to study if student grants would be changed into a social loan scheme, as the PvdA, D66 and VVD parties want to do. Islam prohibits paying interest. This according to a report by Elsevier today.

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The chairmen of the student unions, Henno van Horsten (ISO) and Jasmijn Koets (LSVb), want the political parties to check if Muslim students would be disproportionally hard hit by doing away with student grants. The student leaders say get got many 'signs from the field', that Muslim students would be affected extra harshly.

Harun Yildirim, chairman of the multicultural student union Studenten Unie Nederland confirms that changing the student grant into a social loan would harm Muslim students, he told De Telegraaf.

"Already now fundamental Muslims often opt not to buy a house but rather to rent. For studying, there would soon be no choice. Then there's a danger that Muslim students would opt not to study any more."

According to Yildirim, many Muslim students have no option to ask their parents for money. "We all know that immigrant families often have difficulties making ends meet."

Of the 630,000 students who study in HBO or university, about 13% are of non-Western origin.

Source: AD (Dutch)

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