Stockholm: Why we rioted

Stockholm: Why we rioted

The riots and fires in Rinkeby had just one purpose: to entice the police to the area.

"We want revenge. We are at war with the police," says Badr, 25, one of the 50 youth who participated in the riots Tuesday night.

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When the sun rose early Wednesday, some parts of Rinkeby looked like a battlefield. Rinkeby Academy had been completely destroyed in a fire, burned down wrecked cars stood on the streets and the police station had been attacked.

The unrest in Rinkeby started already Monday evening, when the graduating classes at Rinkeby school had a school ball. A gang of youth gathered outside the school.

"A dog barked and a policeman became nervous and shot in the air, though there were small children nearby," says Badr.

Diana Sundin, spokesperson for the western suburbs police, says that the police man acted properly.

"He was surrounded by maybe 40 people and shot a warning shot. It's normal procedure".

On Tuesday rumors started going around about revenge. Many young people saw what was happening and preferred staying home. At 11:35pm, the alarm went off regarding a fire at Rinkeby Academy. The fire brigade drove into Rinkeby, but didn't dare start putting out the fire for two hours due to stone throwing.

"The fire brigade and ambulance personnel have nothing to fear in Rinkeby. It's the police we're at war with. We are soldiers, and the police are our enemy," says Badr.

Rinkeby residents walked about in shock and despair regarding the night's events.

"I don't understand why they did this to our school. Their own siblings might go here in a few years," says Abir Fairoud, who graduated among journalists, police and the fire brigade.

At lunchtime, Education Minister Jan Björklund and Integration Minister Nyamko Sabuni came to Rinkeby school.

"We are here to show the residents of Rinkeby our support. Rinkeby Academy will be rebuilt. We'll never give up," says Nyamko Sabuni.

The County Police Commissioner, Carin Götblad, said in a press release that they will intervene powerfully to prevent riots.

Uniformed police will patrol Rinkeby daily until Monday.

Source: Metro (PDF, Swedish)

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