Denmark: New attack planned against Mohamed cartoonist?

Denmark: New attack planned against Mohamed cartoonist?

The Danish authorities are going to check whether authorities in North Africa foiled a new plot against Kurt Westergaard, the famous Mohammed cartoonist.

Westergaard was attacked once in his home by an axe wielding Somali earlier this year. Another plot was foiled in 2008, when several Tunisian and Moroccans were arrested in Aarhus.

This article was prepared by the Islam in Europe blog -

Peter Skaarup of the Danish People's Party turned to the Danish Justice Minister, Lars Barfoed, saying that two men were imprisoned in North Africa, suspected of wanting to carry out an attack against Kurt Westergaard.

I could not find any more information about this story, and it's unclear to me where the DPP took their information from.

In a related story, Indonesian police arrested several terror suspects who were apparently planning an attack against the Danish embassy in Jakarta. The Danish Muslim Joint Council said in response (DA) that it is shameful and totally unacceptable that anybody would intend to carry out terrorist acts of any type against civilian targets. "Any form of terrorism is and will always be in conflict with Islam and can in no way be justified," the council said in a press release.

Source: Berlingske Tidende (Danish)

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