Denmark: 20% of immigrant women fail language course

Denmark: 20% of immigrant women fail language course

Language schools are failing to teach Danish to women with an immigrant background causing issues with the integration process

A new study carried out by the Rockwool Foundation has revealed that a fifth of immigrant women who take Danish classes fail to finish their course and take exams.

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Marie Louise Schultz-Nielsen, a researcher at the Rockwool Foundation, called the women’s inability to finish their studies ‘deeply worrying.’

‘It is not encouraging for the integration process that so many women are unable to take an active role in Danish society,’ she said.

Geert Laier Christensen, the former head of liberal think-tank CEPOS, told Berlingske Tidende newspaper: ‘We have a large group of isolated women who are costing our society a lot of money. At the same time, this will affect the next generation of immigrants if their mothers cannot be integrated because they lack language skills.’

Source: Copenhagen Post

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