UK: Tory MP bids to 'ban the burka'

UK: Tory MP bids to 'ban the burka'

A Tory MP has launched an effort to pass a law banning Muslim women from wearing the burka.

Philip Hollobone will attempt to steer legislation through the Commons to regulate the wearing of "certain facial coverings".

The Kettering MP said his Bill would make it illegal for people to cover their faces in public "which would obviously have a big impact for those who wear full-face Islamic veils".

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He told the Press Association: "I think it's inappropriate to cover your face in public, whether it's a burka, a balaclava or anything else.

"We are never going to get along with having a fully integrated society if a substantial minority insist on concealing their identity from everyone else."

Mr Hollobone has previously described the burka as "offensive" and "against the British way of life".

His comments have attracted criticism but also a "great deal of support", he said.

The MP said the British public like to smile and greet one another in the street but "you simply can't have that degree of interaction with people if you can't see their face".


Source: UKPA

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