Amsterdam: Moroccan community must solve problems

A meeting of Moroccan organizations in Amsterdam this Sunday did not come to a conclusion on how to bring the peace back to the city, but there was general agreement that there was indeed a problem, and that that problem must be solved by the Moroccan community itself.

So what is the problem? According to the general consensus: The Moroccan kids must wrestle with their identity - whether they're Dutch or Moroccan - and therefore don't feel at home. Their parents don't give them enough direction and they additionally face problems when trying to get a job.

However, not everybody was happy with this meeting. Kids did not really participate and as one Moroccan resident said, on condition of anonymity: "I have little trust in these organizations. Why weren't there any regular people there? I don't believe that much will happen. They come here only to get money out of the 5 million euros the cabinet promised to deal with the problems of the Moroccan youth".

Source: De Telegraaf (Dutch)

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