opens page for European Muslims

The Muslim site has opened up a new page dedicated to European Muslims.

Within the context of meeting the needs of Muslims in the media field, has launched a new Web Page for European Muslims, highlighting the minorities life, challenges, hopes and aspirations.

"The current scene in Europe and the continuing developments among the European Muslims to cope with their hyphened identities reveal our need to look deeply at the heart of their problems, putting the right questions and seeking the proper answers" Dalia Yusuf , European Muslims Managing Editor explained Monday, January 30.

" has produced a variety of material in its different pages, reporting and analyzing European Muslims news and views", Yusuf said. "A larger space should be made for in-depth and specialized coverage in parallel to make use of our networks and connections in Europe through an intensive process", she added.

Meant to offer in-depth coverage of all walks of life related to European Muslim minorities, the Page saw the light of day Monday, capping over two years and a half of offline effort, deliberation and preparation.

The new site can be reached here.

Source: IslamOnline (English)

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