France: train terrorized

A group of about 20 youth terrorized 600 train passengers on the Nice-Lyon line for more than hour on New Year's day when the train stopped in an isolated station. The train was attacked with shouts such as "you're dead, you're going to die" causing severe panic. Several passengers were robbed and a 20 year old woman was sexually assaulted.

The attack ended only when police showed up with massive forces after frightened passengers called them on their cell phones. Only 3 of the attackers were caught, one of them a minor.

I would have expected this to be somewhere in the English speaking news, but I couldn't find it. There is no mention of who stands behind this attack and I'm not assuming it's "renegade Muslim youth".

Source: De Morgen (Dutch)

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José said...

There is a translation from French but it is done by automatic translators, the result is strange. Anyway here it is.

The youth detained are Moroccans, so it is very likely that the gang was of immigrants, although that cannot be confirmed yet. I don´t think that Police are really interested in protecting their people. Nor the authorities.

We, Europeans, have been left like sheep waiting our sacrifice. It is more important multiculturalism than our lives.