Verdonk wants code of Dutch conduct

Dutch Minister of Immigration, Rita Verdonk, is considering defining a "code of conduct" for all Dutch. This would include standards expected of any resident of the Netherlands, such as speaking Dutch, equality between men and women and not discriminating.

Verdonk said that many immigrants don't know what is expected of them. The Dutch should decide what is important to them, what is the essence of the Dutch identity and what they are proud of, she says, as the basis for the code. A 7-step code is now implemented in Rotterdam that might serve as a basis for this new code.

Not everybody agrees with Verdonk - especially when it comes to speaking Dutch, but the minister insists that Dutch should be the language used in shops, schools and playgrounds. Dutch feel uneasy many times when they only hear foreign languages while walking outside their own house.

Verdonk also calls upon immigrants to be more actively aware of their rights and to report discrimination.

Source: Het Parool (Dutch)

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Snouck said...

I am afraid I would hopelessy fail if I had to do a test whether I would fit into the code. Haaa, but no problem. In The Netherlands there are never any real consequence anyway. If you fail the test you JUST GET MORE MONEY from the government. Those sweet good hearted politicians!