Danish journalists to be educated on Islam

Following the uproar over Danish cartoons (summary by Fjordman) a Muslim group is planning a conference that educate the Danes on Islam. The conference is set to take place in Denmark this upcoming March.

A few interesting quotes from the article:

Fadel Soliman, head of the Bridges Foundation which is organizing the conference says
"The cartoons are becoming worse, as if someone is trying to provoke the Muslim community and youth to do something crazy."

That is, in case somebody does something crazy, then it is simply the fault of those who did the provoking. Of course people shouldn't come out to provoke each other, but what was the reason Jyllands-Posten came out with this cartoon competition? Wasn't it because nobody dared illustrate a book on Muhammad for fear of being killed? Would Mr Soliman discuss this issue in this conference?

Yvonne Ridley, a British journalist and convert to Islam adds:
"As a professional journalist, I owe it as a duty to myself and to my profession to inform myself to write with some authority. I am sick of reading, for example, in the western media that suicide bombers shave their body hair before they go out to carry out their attacks."

I have never read that, but of all things - is that really what should bother her? It seems like such a trivial detail as compared to the fact that she doesn't even need to add "Muslim" before the words "suicide bomber" since it's so obvious.

Source: Islam Online (English)

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