Samir Azzouz planned more attacks

According to the public prosecution Samir Azzouz did not waste much time after he was freed from jail last April and immediately set about to get more weapons and explosives in order to commit more terror attacks.

Possible targets were various politicians as well as the Dutch security services (AIVD). According to other reports, he also planned to shoot down an El-Al plane.

Samir left a taped message as final will and testament where he says: "You are considered as fighters because you have chosen this government. We will spill your blood just as you have spilt the blood of the people of Iraq." There was also a "test" version of the will on the same video.

Samir Azzouz was acquitted in November of planning a terrorist attack because according to the court the manufacturing of an explosive device was at such an early stage that there was no real threat.

Source: NRC Handelsblad (Dutch)

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