A look at illegal aliens

The fire at the Schiphol Airport detention center last October highlights a problem by illegal aliens. They keep on coming back.

There’s an estimated 380,000 illegals moving about Europe, 100,000 of them in the Netherlands. Of the 11 illegals that died in the fire, 3 had been denied entrance as asylum seekers. The others had been kicked out before.

Robert Arah (34) from Suriname used four false names, making it almost impossible to deport him. Surinam would not supply travel documents for an illegal with no passport and a false name. Sure enough, his girlfriend had already bought him a ticket to enable him to come back to Holland after his planned deportation. (isn't there some sort of blacklist for people who were deported??)

Mehmet Ava (41), a Kurd, left Turkey in 1992 and since then has lived life as an illegal. He asked for asylum in Belgium and France and twice in Holland. He lived by acquaintances and earned money doing odd jobs. He managed to escape detection until the law passed last year, obligating a person to show identity papers upon request.

Kemal Sahin (51), a Kurd as well, had been denied asylum already once from the Netherlands. He traveled to Hungary but came back. Again his request for asylum was denied and he was to be sent back to Hungary, which according to EU laws is the country which needs to take care of his case. (and again I don't understand - he first came to Holland, why was he being deported back to Hungary?)

Source: NRC Handelsblad (Dutch)

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