Israel and Gaza

"There should be no difference between me and other AIDS patients in the world, who get care and get to live."

This is a quote from a Palestinian who was just recently denied entry into Israel for medical care. I just think it is interesting, since it brings up a point which is usually ignored. Israel decided to leave the Gaza Strip this summer and besides moving out all army facilities, forcibly evicted all Jews from there. That is, since this summer, there are no Jews in the Gaza Strip, which except for a small community here and there is the general situation in every Arab land. Additionally, since the Oslo accords, Jews do not enter any Palestinian controlled area in the West Bank.

Any Jew entering a Palestinian area is risking his life, and the Israeli army, after having to save several, declared it a punishable offence.

Of course, this Arab is right. There should be no difference between him and any other patient around the world. The only thing he's forgetting is that Israel does not open up its gates to every AIDS patient around the world. For some reason, Palestinian patients do get treatment in Israeli hospitals, though. Suddenly when one isn't given permission to do so, it becomes a human rights offence.

The English version, btw, completely ignores the issue that Gaza is not occupied anymore by Israel. They are free, independent. Should this Palestinian want, he is free to go whereever else he wants to. Israel does not guard the Gaza Strip - Egypt border.

It is much easier, I assume - you're within an hour or two drive from all the major hospitals, you can get back home every day. But wouldn't the obvious thing be for him to turn to the Arab countries and ask for help there?

Sources: Ynet (Hebrew), Scoop (English)

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Snouck said...

A prominent Dutch writer, Gerard van het Reve, used to joke: "why does he hate me, I have never helped him?!".

These Palestinians hate Westerners. They are jealous of Western success. If you help this chap he will just hate Israel more. Because by giving him what he needs you have shown how weak and poor they are and thusly taken away his honor. Israel will help this man only to its detriment.

Cuba and Venezuela showed their contempt for the USA after the New Orleans disaster by offering help to the US. Smart move from them, from their perspective. "Love your enemy, it will make him look ridiculous" :-)