Is Holland heading for French type rioting?

Depends who you ask.

Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen is afraid that 'small riots' in Amsterdam will grow into big 'French type' rioting. According to him, it's an issue of social-economics. Many Moroccan kids feel they they have no future.

The issue is now being discussed by the Dutch parliament.

According to Hirsi Ali, the issue here is structural and ideological, and unless that is the approach, no solution will be found. She says that Cohen admits that foreign born preachers are being used by Islam to spread intolerance against Jews, homos and women.

Geert Wilders says that the Moroccan "street terror" should be dealt with harshly. Immigration must be stopped and immigrants who are convicted should be stripped of their Dutch nationality.

Khadija Arib says that the troubles in Amsterdam West must be addressed. More investments need to be brought in, and parents need to get involved.

Sources: Trouw (Dutch), Het Parool (Dutch)

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John Sobieski said...

What, the thought that there is a 'parasitic' strategy on the part of the Muslim immigrants is too difficult to grasp? If the infidel state will feed, house, educate and medicate you, the Muslims can just wait, living off the infidels while they breed and indoctrinate their youth with hate for the infidels and their wicked ways. Someday, they say, 'we will be a majority and the infidel's land (i.e., govt assets)will be under our control. It's not that hard to grasp. Let history be your guide. Not that they won't raise hell and terrify the infidels while the demographic conquest proceeds apace.