Pork Soup II

Volunteer associations are continuing to give out pork soup, meant to exclude Muslims from receiving help, and the new 'fashion' is now spreading out to other cities in France, as well as in Belgium.

Police have started cracking down on such soup kitchen, closing them down by resorting to other legal means, such as lack of licenses etc. In Strasbourg pork soup was banned because it could disrupt the public order.

But why should it disrupt the public order if certain groups decide to give out pork soup? Why can't the Muslim community and those groups who want to help out the immigrants, simply open up their own soup kitchens and serve whatever they want there?

The only reason a soup kitchen should be closed down is when they start turning away people due to their race, color or religion. Until that point, the government should stay out of people's houses and let them decide on their own what kind of soup they want to prepare, give or eat.

Source: Los Angeles Times (English)

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Anonymous said...

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